Welcome to the Draft Orders Exhibition

Find out why we are holding this exhibition, including the background to the scheme and what will happen next.


Welcome to this virtual exhibition, which presents the two sets of draft Orders, Environmental Information and associated reporting documents for the proposed improvements for:

Aerial photograph from Tyddyn Drycin looking across the existing A55 Junction 15 roundabout at Llanfairfechan, the A55 road corridor and beyond to the coast of Anglesey horizon.

Aerial photograph from Tyddyn Drycin looking across the existing A55 Junction 15 roundabout at Llanfairfechan, the A55 road corridor and beyond to the coast of Anglesey horizon.

Aerial photograph from Alltwen looking across the village of Dwygyfylchi and the A55 road corridor towards the Penmaenmawr Quarry and beyond to the coast of Anglesey horizon.

Aerial photograph from Alltwen looking across the village of Dwygyfylchi and the A55 road corridor towards the Penmaenmawr Quarry and beyond to the coast of Anglesey horizon

Once published, you will be able to view copies free of charge during the objection period either online (via the document library or Welsh Government project websites for Junction 14/15 and Junctions 16/16A) or by visiting one of the following premises.

Due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, viewing will be by prior appointment only. To arrange to view the documents, please contact the venues directly. In the event of changed COVID-19 restrictions or for further information, please contact the Scheme Public Liaison Officer or the project team. Their contact details can be found on the Help and Support page.

Background to the Scheme

Extensive work has been carried out considering road safety along the A55, dating back to 2005. In 2011 a Scheme was included in the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) National Transport Plan to improve the A55 Junctions 15 and 16. A further commitment to improve the junctions was made in 2015.

The options developed as part of feasibility work carried out previously were presented to the community at public exhibitions held in December 2017. These options and the project objectives were refined following feedback from members of the public and key stakeholders.

A public consultation and exhibitions were held in Summer 2018, to allow the community to see and to comment on the updated shortlist of options. The public consultation documents can be found on the Welsh Government project website.

Following public consultation in Summer 2018, the Welsh Ministers announced their preferred options for Junctions 15 and 16 in April 2019.

A Public Information exhibition was held in June 2019 to provide an overview of the outcome of the options assessment work and to allow the community to provide their feedback on the preferred option for the scheme.

Following detailed development and assessment of the preferred options, the Welsh Government produced draft Orders and Environmental Statements for each of the schemes. During this period, for the purpose of the Statutory Processes the draft Orders, associated Environmental Statements and reporting have been renamed. The Junction 15 Scheme is now known as the Junction 14 and 15 Improvement Scheme. The Junction 16 Scheme is now known as the Junction 16 and 16A Improvement Scheme.

The A55 Junctions 15 and 16 Improvements TR111 plan protects the route of the Preferred Options for planning Purposes.

The A55 Junctions 15 and 16 Improvements TR111 plan protects the route of the Preferred Options for planning purposes.

Scheme Assessment Process

A wide range of legislation and policy documents were considered as part of the Scheme development work, including the Well-being and Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015, Environmental Act 2016, Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 and relevant Local Development Plans.

The options were appraised under the Welsh transport appraisal guidance (WelTAG) 2017 process against the agreed Project Objectives, plus their short and longer-term impacts in relation to the sustainable development and well-being (social, cultural, environmental and economic) of Wales and their ability to maximise contribution to the seven well-being goals. Factors relating to public and stakeholder acceptability, feasibility, risk and affordability were also assessed.

The 7 well-being goals

The 7 well-being goals

The scheme objectives are:

ID Details
OBJ1 Improve access to regional, national and international markets and improve access to employment opportunities
OBJ2 Improve road safety on the A55 from Junction 14 to Junction 16A
OBJ3 Improve journey times and journey time reliability on the A55 from Junction 14 to Junction 16A
OBJ4 Improve resilience on the A55 for strategic and local traffic
OBJ5 Improve journey times, journey time reliability and safety for access onto the A55 from Llanfairfechan and Penmaenmawr
OBJ6 Reduce severance with coastal areas for the Non-Motorised Users and enhance provision made for walkers and cyclists
OBJ7 To take reasonable steps to build healthier communities and better environments
OBJ8 Opportunities to provide integrated transport are increased

There are also three technical objectives for the Scheme:

ID Details
TECH OBJ9 Meet design standards for safety
TECH OBJ10 Maintain speed limits, traffic speed and improve journey times
TECH OBJ11 Minimise disruption to traffic during construction of the Scheme

What are Draft Orders?

The Welsh Government are publishing draft orders which comprise the legal powers to establish line and slip roads, modify the side roads, purchase land and put in place any other rights needed to deliver the Scheme. Separate draft Orders are being published for A55 Junctions 14/15 and A55 Junctions 16/16A.

The draft Orders are a legal document, supported by schedules, tables and a series of plans. Once published, you will be able to find copies of these documents on the project website and at the deposit locations. Copies of the draft Orders plans for the scheme are presented in the exhibition.

The Orders include:

Document What this means
Draft Line and Slip Road Order To provide for the new length of trunk road required for the project. The plans show the centre line of the new trunk road and slip roads.
Draft Side Road Order To stop up, improve or alter some lengths of existing roads, footpaths, cycle routes, byways, bridleways and private accesses, to construct new highway and provide new private means of access. The plans show the boundary of the new highways. The areas that are being altered are represented as hatched areas.
Draft Compulsory Purchase Order These set out the land that would be required to build, maintain and provide the environmental mitigation that would be required for the Scheme. The area shown on the plans includes both the land required for permanent works and the contractors working space (essential licence), including compounds and material storage.

The Orders are published in draft and provide the opportunity for any person or organisation to object, support or suggest alternatives. As part of the legal process the Welsh Government will consider all the responses to the draft Orders and then decide whether to hold a Public Local Inquiry.

See the Submit Your Views section to find out how to make a representation, the objection timescales and how to view the documents.

The Environmental Information

Alongside the draft Orders, the Welsh Government is also publishing a Statement to Inform an Appropriate Assessment and an Environmental Statement for the scheme.

The Statement to Inform an Appropriate Assessment describes the likely effects on the International and European Nature Conservation Sites.

The Environmental Statement (ES) identifies the main environmental effects and describes the proposed measures to avoid, remedy or reduce the effects and provide environmental enhancements where practicable. It is reported in:

The ES covers a wide range of environmental topics. In addition, the ES provides information about the alternatives considered, the legislative and policy context, cumulative effects and the management of the environmental effects. A full list of topics can be found in the NTS.

Additionally, a set of Environmental Masterplans (EMP) for the scheme are published with the ES. These illustrate the environmental mitigation measures incorporated within the design of the Scheme, including details of the proposed landscape work.

Any person or organisation may comment on these environmental documents. Copies may be inspected free of charge throughout the objection period at one of the locations listed. Please contact a member of the project team for Help and Support .

Associated Reporting Documents

In addition to the Environmental Information and draft Orders, we have produced a number of reports to inform the decision making on the project. These include the results of various assessments that we have undertaken.

Document What this means
Scheme Assessment Report Provides an overview of the proposed Scheme.
Sustainable Development Report Describes how the proposed Scheme aligns to the Welsh Government’s principles of sustainable development.
Economic Assessment Report Considers the likely costs and benefits of the Scheme, providing calculations of value for money.
Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment Report Describes the existing situation for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians, and considers how provision should be made as part of the Scheme.
Traffic Forecasting Report Summarises the traffic forecasting of the Scheme, taking into account different future scenarios.
Local Model Validation Report Summarises the base year traffic model, which shows current travel conditions, and is the basis for undertaking traffic forecasting and economic assessment.

What happens next?

The Welsh Ministers will take into consideration any representations before deciding whether or not to proceed with the Scheme.

Depending on the nature and number of any objections and comments received to the published draft Orders, a Public Local Inquiry (PLI) may be held before an independent Inspector.

If a PLI is to be held, all those who have responded would normally be notified within 4 weeks of the end of the objection period and the Inquiry held within 22 weeks of that notification. Full details of the PLI will be confirmed, and notices will appear in the local press.

All correspondence will be copied to the Inspector and kept in the Inquiry Library which is available to the public. Publicity would be given to any feasible alternative proposal received within a time limit to be specified in the PLI Notice.

If the Welsh Ministers decide to proceed with the Scheme for which the ES has been published, they then must publish information about the consultation carried out, in compliance with The Highways (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulation 2007, the representations received, and any changes made as a result.

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