Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files sent to your computer or mobile device by the websites that you visit. They help make websites work better. For example we also use YouTube cookies to embed videos in pages and survey123 cookies to enable feedback forms. With the exception of YouTube, the information saved into cookies by A55 Junctions 14/15 & 16/16A Engagement does not includes any personal information and can't be used to identify any user personally. The cookies we use on our site are:

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
A55 banner This is used to remember if you've seen the cookie banner and prevent it from being shown after you interact with it. 24 hours
A55 forms This cookie is optionally set by the user. If on the forms will work and survey123 will save its cookies. If it isn't set the forms will not work and survey123 won't save its cookies. 24 hours
A55 videos This cookie is optionally set by the user. If on the videos will work and YouTube will save its cookies. If it isn't set the videos will not work and YouTube won't save its cookies. 24 hours
A55 maps This cookie is optionally set by the user. If on interactive maps will be displayed in the exhibition and ArcGIS will save its cookies. If it isn't set you will see an image as an alternative and ArcGIS will not save any cookies. 24 hours
survey123 OptanonAlertBoxClosed This saves the date and time that you access the form. 1 year
survey123 esri_gdpr This saves consent status for ESRI's GDPR policy. 1 year
survey123 sat_track This saves a status of on for unknown purpose. 1 year
survey123 s_dslv This saves a number for unknown purpose. 3 years
survey123 AMCV_ED8D65E655FAC7797F000101%40AdobeOrg This saves a string for unknown purpose. 2 years
survey123 bannerNotification_httpsTransitionMessage_hidden This saves status of a notification banner. 1 year
survey123 esri_whatsnew This saves data about new features. 1 year
YouTube VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE These cookies are essential for the display of YouTube videos on our site. 8 months
YouTube YSC At end of session

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What information do we collect?

The cookies we set ourselves only store settings. The third party cookies we use are required by these services to function. We do not use any analytics cookies to track usage.

You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser or on the cookie settings page. Please note that if cookies are disabled, you will not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

You can read ESRI's Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy for detailed information about Survey123.

You can read Google's Privacy Policy and Google's Terms of Service for detailed information about YouTube.